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February 27, 2023

ChromeExtensionKit is now ExtensionKit

ChromeExtensionKit is now ExtensionKit

ChromeExtensionKit is now ExtensionKit. With the rebranding also comes a range of new enhancements and future plans to make extension development even easier for everyone. This post will go over why the change occurred, what exactly has changed, and briefly discuss some future plans with the platform as a whole.


Previously, ChromeExtensionKit was a single download that contained both the ebook and all the extension starter templates. This worked initially, but as the number of starter and example templates grew, so did the overall size of the download. In addition to that, if a bug appeared or a small change was needed in a single template, you were forced to redownload the entire kit to get the latest version.


ExtensionKit is still a series of starter templates, however instead of a single zip file containing all of them, there is now a platform where you can individually download and manage templates as you see fit. Each starter or example template now has it's own page that explains what it is, how it can be used, and information around when it was last updated so you can decide if you need to download a newer version.

In addition to the new template pages, the following was also changed or added:

  • Various new templates were added
  • TypeScript variants of all React templates were added so you no longer need to manually convert React starters to TypeScript
  • Ground up rewrite of development scripts to simplify and increase performance
  • A variety of minor bug fixes throughout the templates

In addition to those highlighted changes, a dedicated documentation page was added where you can find more information on how various portions of each template work and how the development scripts function. Moreover, when you're signed into the dashboard, you will have access to a support page through the user menu where you can create support tickets about anything you may come across while using the templates or if you'd like to request new templates as well.

The overall goal with this move was to make it easier for everyone to find the templates they need and to keep them up to date, as well as to ensure you can get the support you need through your extension development journey.

Future Plans

While a lot has changed, there are a lot more new things planned that will slowly be added in the coming months, including:

  • A community for all ExtensionKit members
  • A public showcase where extensions built from ExtensionKit starters will be displayed on the main site
  • Ability to opt into notifications for specific templates so you can find out right away if a change was made
  • Many new starter and example templates planned
  • Vue.js template support

If you'd like to view the roadmap or submit feature requests, click here.

Already purchased ChromeExtensionKit?

If you previously purchased the kit on ChromeExtensionKit.com prior to the change, you can migrate to ExtensionKit completely free of charge. To create your free ExtensionKit account, head over to the migration page and enter the email you user to originally purchase the kit. If an email is found, you will receive instructions on how to finish setting up access to the dashboard.

If you have any questions or need additional support, get in touch.

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