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April 9, 2023

New Course: Chrome Extension Development - The Basics

New Course: Chrome Extension Development - The Basics

We are happy to announce that we have recently launched our Chrome Extenion Development - The Basics course on Udemy. All ExtensionKit visitors can get the course for a fixed price of $12.99 USD by clicking the link or by manually entering the promo code EXTENSIONKIT0724 on Udemy.

Throughout the course, we will cover all the fundamental concepts of Chrome Extensions with easy-to-follow examples, followed by creating 2 fully functional example extensions from start to finish that applies the fundamental knowledge (as well as some introductory more advanced concepts). We will close out the course by walking through the Chrome Web Store publishing process and ensuring you have everything you need to know to get it approved in the Web Store as well as some tips & tricks to increase your odds of success and grow your extension.

What you'll learn by the end of the course:

  • Understand the basic structure and functionality of Chrome extensions using Manifest V3
  • All Chrome Extension fundamental concepts such as background scripts, content scripts, browser actions, and more
  • Learn how to prep your extension for publishing, how to publish, and tips on growing it
  • Setting up, building, and debugging Chrome Extensions with best practices
  • Step-by-step building of a fully functional example Chrome Extension
  • All the skills needed to build your own extensions and real-world examples

Happy learning and feel free to reach out with any questions!

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