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Launch Your Next Chrome Extension Faster.

Spend time building your Chrome Extension, not setting up manifests and environments. ExtensionKit is an ever-growing directory of battle-tested starter templates and examples so you can avoid the tedious stuff and focus on shipping faster than ever.

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Save Time, Ship Faster

Never waste time with configuration & setup again.

Unopinionated Starter Templates

All starter templates are unopinionated, meaning they are setup so that you can quickly grab one and start developing without needing to remove a bunch of unnecessary boilerplate first.

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Functional Example Extensions

See how an extension functions end-to-end, find inspiration, and learn how to solve problems or use specific patterns in your own project by looking at fully functional example extensions.

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Time-Saving Utility Scripts

Includes scripts that spin up development environments with auto-refresh, scripts that auto-bundle required extension files for publishing, scripts to lint and prettify your code, and more.

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ExtensionKit Ebook

An ebook containing everything you need to know about ExtensionKit, as well as a step-by-step extension publishing guide, and tips on how to grow your audience.

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Everything you need

For every use case

ExtensionKit comes with all the tools you need to build your next Chrome Extension project faster than ever, whatever that project may be

Lifetime updates
Once you buy the kit, you get access to free updates and additions forever.
9+ basic templates
Basic templates are great for all skill levels and built on vanilla HTML, CSS, and JS.
20+ react templates
React templates come loaded with additional development tools such as auto extension reloading.
4+ example templates
Example templates consist of fully functional example Chrome extensions to learn from.
TypeScript support
All React templates come with TypeScript support and variants out of the box.
MV3 Support
All basic, React, and example extensions are built on the latest Manifest V3.


Join 500+ Developers

You're in good company alongside many other extension developers

Buy the kit once, get updates free forever.

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